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Hardcastle Crags

Posted by Eileen Burnip, Monday, May 7, 2001

The National Trust has no grounds at all for refusing to re-open Harcastle Crags. MAFF guidelines actually say that footpaths which are more than 3.5km away from the nearest outbreak, and do not cross farm land, should now be open. MAFF, in case we forget, is a ministry of the govt led by Tony Blair who declared on Thursday that the war against f&m was almost over, and that the countryside was now open. It's been quite clear all along that he hasn't the foggiest idea what the countryside actually is (the bits with grass on, Tony) but Calderdale Council should now be lobbied hard. Walkers have been zealously acquiescent in order to prevent the spread of the disease (which is more than can be said for MAFF) but it is now time to insist on restored access.

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