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Paper recycling & Snails

Posted by Felicity Potter, Saturday, June 2, 2001

Has anyone any idea why:

a) Virtuous types who traipse their newspapers down to the recycling site near the Marina now find the bins padlocked with a very narrow slit so you have to spend hours posting the things through one at a time? It was a lot easier when you could open the lid and up-end your carrier bags. Might it be that if they make it difficult enough, they can argue the facility isn't used and withdraw it?

b) Large snails have appeared on the scene? When I arrived here over 20 years ago, there were no snails, only slugs; around 10 years ago small snails started appearing, and now they're the full-blown sort I remember from Dorset. Much easier to pull off and chuck into the brambles so I'm not complaining, just interested.

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