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Trio in Tree Fight

Posted by Janice Sunday, July 1, 2001

I must say how i chortled when reading the report in saturday's Evening Courier "TRIO IN TREE FIGHT". I couldn't quite work out which was the most important issue for these three individuals..The fact that the tree's being knocked down would effect the house prices ( well we all know that they're shooting up at the moment ) or how unfair it seemed to them that the planning application went through five years before they even lived here!!! That had to be the icing on the cake.. What a one liner... I bet we all could have a jolly good whinge about something that has passed us by. Just think of all the event's that have taken place around the world and if we had only been there at the right time what a difference we could have made!! To be honest if they were really that bothered why on earth didn't they look at the planning application's in that area before they purchased their properties...I also noticed that there were no pats on the back for Calrec for creating more local employment.


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