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Nutclough protest

Posted by Paul Sunday, July 1, 2001

The fact that our house prices might drop as a result of Calwreck's action was only one small concern that was way down on the agenda of our concerns. We obviously have no control over what a paper chooses to report (and the managing director-well he would say that wouldn't he??). We were horrified by the fact that a large number of beautiful trees were destroyed right out of the blue.

The local flock of birds acting in a very agitated way afterwards alerted us to the fact that many nesting sites were destroyed along with wildlife habitats on the ground. Is it legal to do this? We were told that baby birds were seen dying on the ground after the trees had been scooped out by the digger.

Many local residents who had lived in the neighbourhood before the planning application went in knew nothing about plans for a car park. Also, our house search and a neighbour's revealed nothing about this planning application. I wonder why? As for trying to alter the past, you have missed the point completely. The point of a democratic process is that people can have a say over what happens. Should we do away with the process and let developers wreck our environment as they wish? Would you be happy if it happened in your neighbourhood and you had no rights to object?


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