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Sir Bernard and Hebden Royd

Posted by Anne Handley, Monday, September 10, 2001

Like Sir Bernard Ingham, I left the area many years ago, but unlike him I returned 6 years ago and am now (happily) a re-instated member of the community. And I, too, have been wondering where Hebden Royd is heading.

In his column (7th September) Sir Bernard suggests we need a distinctive trademark and proposes we chose either a high-tech community, an artistic community, or a Pennine heritage centre.

There is one image that encompasses all these, as well as alternative therapists, environmentalists, gays (in or out of the closet), small businesses, entrepreneurs, even politicians.

It is that of a community that accepts and celebrates individuality and diversity. I think Hebden Royd should continue to aim to be all things to all people (with the possible exception of multinational companies, who move society in the opposite direction, towards conformity and blandness).

If 'individuality and diversity' is, in fact, the direction in which Hebden Royd is heading, then perhaps it explains why I returned to the area and love it, whereas Sir Bernard has chosen to live in the south (and become a non-executive director of a multinational company!)