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Mytholmroyd - graveyard of hopes and dreams

Posted by Mick West, Tuesday, September 18, 2001

Sorry, Royders, but I was unfortunate enough to spend most of my teenage years in Mytholmroyd and my lasting impression is that it was full of brain-dead Tories (Caldene Avenue), inbred rednecks (....) and vegetating pensioners (Scout Road - grannyfarming capital of Yorkshire?). There again, maybe I'm just ever so slightly biased (my native Hebden Bridge roots coming to the fore. perhaps?) or could I even be trying to provoke a reaction? Come on, all you Mytholmroydians (those of you with opposable thumbs, that is), tell us what it is that gives your village its ineffable and distinctive character(for instance, do you perceive Mytholmroyd's lack of banking facilities as being some sort of political statement against world capitalism?)