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Posted by Nigel Yorke, Friday, October 5, 2001

Apart from the fact the is to much traffic in HB the speed that it travels is ridicules. When HB was planned and built no though was given to cars. The pavements are very narrow so walking along any of HB main roads brings pedestrians very close to the traffic. Anyone you has walked from the station into town will know its a horrible experience with cars flying out of Hebden Bridge. Birchcliffe Road is another problem. Being a straight downhill road cars again fly down, heading to a very sharp bend. The pavements again are very narrow. This goes really for all the main roads though HB. Another problem. The junction of Birchcliffe Road and Keighly Road. This junction is hard to negotiate when you are in a car, but far harder when you are on foot. Again cars fly around the corners. If you are slow (or not) in walking this can be very dangerous road to cross. Many people need to cross this road. (The two stupid car parking spaces on the main road opposite this junction don't help). Pedestrians need to regain as much as HB as they can, and cars must be made to slow down.