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BBC's Close up North

Posted by Martyn Howorth, Friday, October 5, 2001

Dear Jackie,
I was so glad that Robert Collins posted in order to give a more balanced view of Hebden Bridge life. Whilst the alternative community's contribution to life in Hebden Bridge is considerable, our fine town benefits from the contribution from many sectors. This certainly includes the local folk, professionals and those involved in business!

Richard Hull's posting gave the impression that those of us involved in the professions (other than education) or business are unworthy of living in Hebden Bridge. Attitudes like this strike me as just reverse snobbishness, and I would've expected better from such an educated person.

How superflous is a 4x4 if you live in Colden, or Erringden? It is my observation that it is mostly the locals who drive the 4x4s around rather than the "green welly" negative stereotype that Mr. Hull chooses to re-inforce.

Interestingly enough many of the local people look upon the alternative and academic community in HB in much the same way that he obviously views businesspeople and professionals. You are just as visible and appear just as ridiculous to us!