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Bernard Ingham

Posted by Alison Dale, Wednesday, October 17, 2001

Just where has Bernard Ingham been during the last 30 years? Holed up in the saloon bar of his mythical "Three Ferrets"?

I was pleased to see the "Press Gazette" (see Features) drawing attention to the offensiveness of his views. In the same column he stated that perhaps so many women in Hebden Bridge had chosen to be lesbians because the men in the town were such "wimps". This is really only a polite way of saying that women are gay because they need a good you know what.

Some of us "off- cumdens" have lived in the Calder Valley far longer than the Blessed Bernard ever did. His out moded and reactionary opinions just do not reflect the ideas of the present population of this town and I can't see why the "Hebden Bridge Times" continues to give him column space.

There are several talented and humorous writers in this area who we would all prefer to read rather than the conservative rantings and ramblings of this professional Yorkshireman living in the south.