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Posted by Peter Rowlands, Tuesday, October 23, 2001

Some months ago, the Calderdale Metropolitan Council did a climb down on the programme of closing public lavatories. Amongst those that reopened was the small building at the entrance to Hardcastle Crags. However, in a stealthy sleight of policy, they are closed again. For the winter you understand. I can only guess that Calderdale personnel have some information on human biology that has, thus far, eluded me. A heaving car park every weekend and a steady trail of embarrassed and deeply uncomfortable people can be seen or heard around the gates. This is a closure of deep arrogance and for a Council that promotes iself as a proponent of toursim and lesiure in the valley, they really ought to get a grip on some fundamental services. There is already evidence of human soiling in the woods of the Crags. It would be gratifying if people reading this would write to the Leader of Calderdale Council.