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Peace Protesters

Posted by Phil Champion, Wednesday, November 21, 2001

In response to criticisms of Sue Denim and others of peace protesters:

"Point 2 - it just seems to me that these type of people have far to much time on their hands and just like to organise events and think up conspiarcy theories. "

Many of the people involved in the campaign against this war have got plenty to do already, without having a war to deal with as well. I dont know anyone involved who hasnt been severely inconvenienced, or had there lives generally disrupted by spending so much time and energy campaigning for a better public understanding of what is going on, and against behaviour that is funamentally morally wrong.

"Point 1 - it has come to my attention that these so called peace protesters are (as has been already mentioned) aggressive in their ways and writings. "

Really? I would be genuinely intrested to hear some more about why you think this - prefereably with examples, If this is the way that peace campaigning is being percieved then something has gone wrong somewhere. I sometimes feel myself that simply crying 'stop the war' can come across this way, but are you confusing a sense of oputrage and injustice for genuine aggression?

"Why have none of the contributors to this site who have attakced US / UK policy bothered to express any concern about the people killed in the WTC? "

Probably because it goes almost without saying. You could start every sentence with 'I wholeheatedly condem the terrible crimes that were committed on Setember 11th and express great sympathy ... etc ' which is they way it is, but the next wor would be 'but' which makes it sound like tokenism. I dont know anyone who wasnt horrified by the senseless events of September 11th.