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Peace protesters....

Posted by Josh Greenwood, Wednesday, November 21, 2001

"What, specifically, do those who oppose the current actions against the Taliban believe should be done in response to the WTC attacks? " asks Martin Howarth.

Vietnam style bombing is definitely not answer. Yesterday, there was a report from a town in Afghanistan where the bombs were continuing to kill innocent civilians yet the Taliban had left several days ago. Bombing is just another form of terrorism, and will sow the seeds for more terrorism. And so it will continue. If you are really concerned about the suffering at the WTC, you should realise that the actions of Bush and Blair will not prevent similar future attacks. They are most likely to be the cause of them.

What has the bombing achieved? The replacement of one tyranny with another? And further generations of recruits for terrorist attacks on the west. And still no-one has been brought to justice for the WTC attack.

In the first weeks after the terrible attack on New York, there was a unity of nations against terrorism. This should have been nurtured and encouraged. We should work with the rule of law and the United Nations. That should be the difference between terrorists and the rest of us. There many others ways we could have gone, building on an alliance of nations against terror. But no, Bush and Blair had to turn once again to the old failed ways.

What kind of world do I want? One based on justice, peace, compassion and tolerance.