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Cinema - what now?

[ Follow Ups ] [ Post Followup ] [ HB Web - discussion and comment ] [ Lee Comer on July 22, 1999 at 11:30:13:

Although I attended the Council meeting on 21st July, and have read the tender brief and the amendment to it which was voted through Council, I'm still in the dark. The politicians now seem more interested in trying to score points off each other about their devotion to the Picture House and to Hebden Bridge than they are in telling is the plain untarnished truth. I have several questions to ask.

1. Will the cinema be sold to a private developer?
2. Will said developer take over the management of the cinema?
3. If so, what safeguards will be built in to maintain not just the fabric of the building but the current adventurous programming, community responsive management approach, affordable pricing policies (try using your concession card at a Showcase cinema) and tea/coffee-making?

Without clear answers to these questions, we remain in the dark. I would urge everyone to write to Paul Sheehan, Chief Executive of the Calderdale Council (Town Hall, Halifax) and to the Director of Leisure Services (Carolyn Downs) to get some unpoliticised answers to these questions.

If you think we should reform the Friends of Hebden Bridge Picture House, please ring us or email us. Lee Comer and Richard Peters Tel/fax 01422 844421