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Former Royal Navy Ship mates

[ Follow Ups ] [ Post Followup ] [ HB Web - discussion and comment ] [ JOHN BROWN on December 23, 1999 at 03:38:58:

I am trying to contact former ship mates of mine who came from the Hebden Bridge area.Terry (lofty)Dewhurst.He was involved with the boy scouts.Also William (WillIe) Broadbent HE had something to do with the local newspaper. The ships we served in where H.M.S OCean,H.M.S.Lanton, H.M.S. Cumberland during the mid 50s. This is John(lofty) Brown Who has been livng in sunny southern California for the past 33 years looking. I was in town about 11 years ago annd couldnt find you guys maybe this will do it .