Brittany Oil Crisis

Posted by Mandi Johnson ( on February 08, 2000 at 23:56:39:

Dear e-mail Friends,

I don't know this girl personally. A mutual friend forwarded this 'e' to
me. I think we can all admire someone who's willing to take time out from
their lives and roll up their sleeves and DO something! How long will we
let the Oil companies get away with incidents like this? Boycotts work!
Hit 'em were it hurts! The Ocean is life. This wanton disregard and
destruction has to be fought against. It's your money. Were do you choose
to spend it?

More power to the people!
Peace & Love
Mandi Johnsosn
Begin forwarded

From: "Karina Roberts"

>Dear all,
>>As some of you know, rather than going skiing, I spent my Christmas break,
>>along with some friends, cleaning birds that had got stuck in the oil
>>slick on the coasts of Britanny. The experience was a very powerful and
>>very gruesome one. The boxes arrived with many gulls lying stiff in the
>>bottom of them, not having resisted the journey over. The walls of these
>>quickly gathered boxes smeared with the sticky tarry substance which would
>>cover us all by the end of the time we were there, scrubbing the terrified
>>and stressed creatures with washing up liquid, rinsing, hair-drying and
>>force feeding them. The birds that I thought were brown, turned out to be
>>blue-black and white - and although very weak, struggled to get out of the
>>alien grip. It took 80 volunteers from 1:30pm till 6am to clean 300 of
>>them and 100 survived... 100,000 had died...
>>This is aspect of the big picture. People are still shovelling away on the
>>beaches, clearing a m2 at a time when the disaster has hit hundreds of
>>km2, and the numbers of volunteers are dwindling ...
>>...This is why I am calling out to all of you to boycott TOTAL-FINA for a
>>year following the sinking of the Erika.
>>They're taking the piss !
>>The price of petrol is outrageous, so why is it that the ones responsible
>>for the transport are get away with saving a few bob on decent tankers and
>>allow a ship like the Erika to float till it splits ?!
>>- They lobby to delay the application for the law
>>- They lobby to keep on burning precious fossil fuels rather than
>>research/fight the greenhouse effect (shame about the victims of Mitch,
>>the floodings in Venezuela)
>>- Finance dictatorships so as to keep on digging
>>- Spend their profits on commercial rather than ensuring the solidity of
>>double-keeled boats.
>>- Make out that they're going to help cleaning up (and this only after
>>they found out that they could be boycotted) but do nothing of the sort.
>>OK, this may sound simplistic, and surely it's not just their fault, the
>>government, the naval authorities have just as much of a part to play in
>>this, they just not as much of limelight figures... but if we just sit
>>here and do nothing, nothing will happen. This is our only means of
>>pressure and if many of us get together we can change things.
>>A proper boycott of Total-Fina would be an example to the other oil
>>companies. If NOBODY goes to them for petrol, then they'd suffer huge
>>deficits and there's nothing that a large company hates more.
>>The boycott will work ! It only depends on you !
>>We're in 2000 and the internet is the best weapon that a planetary village
>>like ours can have.
>>If each of you that receive this message pass it on (and act on it !) to
>>only 2 of their friends, after forwarding it 5 times, there will be
>>1+2+4+8+16+32 people part of the boycott and if it's forwarded 20 times,
>>there will be 1+2+4+8+16+...+1,048,576 and 30 times +1,073,741,824
>>boycotting Total-Fina.
>>Two years ago, the boycott organised by Greenpeace of Shell forced them to
>>make amends. All we need is a bit of action.
>>Now you know what you need to do so as to avoid this ever happening again.
>>You only detain the GREAT POWER of the SNOWBALL !