Re: The Labour Government

Posted by Jonathan Timbers ( on March 15, 2000 at 00:17:08:

I don't think I ever said that the current government was marvellous - I just said that it had actually done some good things which seem to be overlooked.

I don't think that simply being enraged is really the best way of arguing, especially if statements are made which aren't really wholly true - such as accusing Labour of completely abandoning Green policies. I've just spent a day in the office with everyone groaning about fuel prices. Even modest anti-car measures meet with massive popular disapproval. But there have been moves. And if there are no Green policies, what about the right to roam? What's that then? No doubt there are plenty of measures that the government ought to consider - or policies it ought not to pursue. That's true of every reformist party of government, including the greens in Germany. Their foreign minister sent the Luftwaffe into Kosovo. The answers are not simple.

Probably one of the most important areas to examine is employment law which is becoming more employee friendly (perhaps too slowly for some). That's why the Homeworkers group seems to me to be so important. Plus I've got some information tonight from a friend at Hebden Bridge Labour Party about the Trades Council reforming and offering support and advice to non-unionised workers.

I hope that people who are interested will contact me so that I can pass on names and any issues which are shared to see if appropriate help can be obtained.

My email if it's not on the site is (I got on the net because the party gave all members a freeserve disk. It wouldn'tnormally be my top choice, but it does). Thanks for reading this - and let's keep it on community issues in the future. Much more useful.