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Dissatisfied mature Student :-(

Posted by David Mcalpin

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

I have now received 2 refunds from this college as it has failed me along with many other mature students time & time again.

first of all I enrolled on a P.C Maintenance course and received a full refund when I discovered we were working on old discarded computers which had been thrown out in to a skip (not the college's own skip) which were now been used on this course, I then enrolled on a further course and over a YEAR after this course had finished I was still awaiting my certificate.

They first insisted that they had sent this out to all the students, then 6 weeks later retracted this and said it would be in the post within 2 weeks then they said we need to come back in and finish off the course!!!, so after 3 letters (one to the chair of governors as my letter to Monica Box had been ignored) and many phone calls later I received a further refund.

The way this college is run is disgraceful, nobody from the top down gives a damn the senior management should resign.