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Balata camp installation

Posted by Heather Clayton-sela

Wednesday, April 7, 2004

It is not (intentionally?) clear who exactly is sponsoring the Balata camp show in H.B. but from the graphic and detailed account posted on the web site's home page one can only presume that whoever it is has spent a vast amount of time there, considering that he or she obviously had time to speak to all 30,000 residents and go to their houses. or is this yet another case of the trendy liberal west swallowing every half- truth fed to them by an extremly efficient palastinian propaganda machine? I too think it would be an excellent idea for a few yorkshire armchair revolutionaries to come to visit Balata and indeed the whole of this volatile area . Maybe then they would be able to see through the rhetoric which is blinkering them from the reality of what is really going on here.I came here as a pro-palastinian leftie some 25 years ago convinced of the justice of my opinions. believe me, the reality is nowhere near as simple as this media show's organisers would have you believe.

Posted by Michael Prior

Thursday, April 8, 2004

The Balata camp installation was invited to Hebden Bridge by the Calderdale branch of the International Solidarity Movement, two of whose volunteers built up the various parts of the show from their months of time spent in Balata in 2003/2004. Everything shown came from their direct personal experience.

If Heather has something substantive to add to the Palestinian issue then perhaps she should say clearly what this is and not just use innuendo. No one doubts the complexity of the problem. The one thing that is indeniable is the suffering of the Palestinians.