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Posted by Susan Press

Tuesday, January 6, 2004

I would remind Simon Stewart that the "scum" who govern us have more or less stopped unemployment being a scourge, introduced the minimum wage, taken millions off the poverty line, ploughed millions into the NHS, and done their utmost to restore democracy in Northern Ireland.

There is much to be unhappy about too but histrionics and hysteria do nothing to bring social democracy, or even socialism, back on the government's agenda.

Those of us who choose to stay within the Labour party at least are able to express our opposition in more constructive ways and actually be part of the process instead of screaming from the sidelines. Using language more akin to the Sun and its ilk helps no-one - only perhaps the Tories.

Posted by Peter Baber

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Dear Susan

Let me reply to some of your claims about the great things New Labour have done:

'More or less stopped unemployment being a scourge': I would say an unemployment figure close to 1m is nothing particularly to be proud about, especially when the only reason why it isn't a lot higher is because so many young people are in going nowhere jobs or on nonsense training courses.

'Introduced the minimum wage': Yes, as low as possible, with loads of opt-outs for employers, not least those who choose to employ illegal immigrants.

Taken millions off the poverty line': Yes, once again largely by massaging the figures.

'Ploughed millions into the NHS': Yes, with no accountability on how such money is spent.

'Done their utmost to restore democracy in Northern Ireland': Please don't make me laugh. If by restoring democracy you mean making sure that mobsters with a tiny percentage of the overall vote are in charge then I can see that democracy was really something very, very worth fighting for.

Regards to Tony.

Posted by Herculees

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Lets not claim that Labour are responsible for restoring democracy to Northern Ireland. This was done at the insistence of Europe.

Back home, what about the Labour Party wiping out democracy within Calderdale Council?

Tony Blair was brought up and to this day practises as a Conservative. Labour members fighting on the inside are just wasting thier time, and might as well join the Conservative Party. At least they would have far more fun.