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Residential development plans

Posted by Mike
Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Seems if the speculators get their way we can expect to have yet more properties going up on what was the old Foster Mill/proposed swimming pool site. Has anybody stopped to consider the impact on the town of all this new housing? Where, for example, are all those affluent young things about to move into the development on the canalside going to park their Audi TTs? Not to mention the Albert Street and Melbourne Street Lofties and their motors.

Who's bothered to research where all the cars turning back after attempting to visit the freshly refurbished Gibson Mill attraction are going to end up once the car parks at the Crags are full?

Traffic pressure in the town is already at bursting point with parking charges already forcing tourists to look anywhere they can in order to avoid paying. I'm as happy as the next man to see the town vibrant after so many years of neglect but not at the expense of the things that make it such a pleasure to live here.

Posted by Cynthia Stringer
Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Whose vision was it to turn a green belt area in Oakville Road into a builders convention, the emerging tower block of three storey houses on the side of a hill, sharing a single track road with other modest cottage dwellers will never be admitted as a blot on the landscape as it is a private development. Car parking will be a lottery, four cars on site and musical chairs for the other members of the new households and residents in the area.

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