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Piers then Tony?

Posted by Christine Bampton-Smith
Saturday, May 15, 2004

Piers Morgan lost his job because he made a decision to print the prisoner abuse photos on a false premise. The consequenses were damaging to the role of our soldiers in Iraq.

Tony Blair, supported by the Conservatives, and in coalition with George Bush, went to war with Iraq on a false premise - ignoring huge public opinion, expressed by the largest protest march ever to be experienced in Britain. A war that has been followed by a so far disasterous post war period bringing Britain and America into disrepute.

I wonder if eventually, Tony will suffer the same fate as Piers?

Posted by Eric Hall
Friday, May 21, 2004

Hopefully Tony will suffer the same fate as Piers.

It is the public that put Tony where he is and it is the public that can remove him.

Not really into politics but if mass public opinion give's a no confidience vote on the current government surely they should be ousted from office.

Posted by Adam
Friday, May 21, 2004

There is a significant difference between the situation involving Mr. Blair and Mr. Piers.

Piers knew that the photos he was printing were fakes. In the unlikely case that he didn't know for certain he must have had his suspicions - even tabloid editors are not idiots.

Intelligence showed it highly likely (probable if you prefer) that Saddam had WMD and this is not including documents since shown to be unreliable (certain university studies for example...).

It is worth bearing in mind that if nothing else the coalition did bring down an oppressive regime - whether what is in place in 5 years time is any better remains to be seen.

While I'm at it....

Where are your figures for stating that the anti-war demonstrations were: ".....the largest protest march ever to be experienced in Britain."

Where did you source these figures from?

Do these figures take into account the vastly increasing population over, say, the last 100 years?

It may or may not have been the largest ever but I would be interested to see proof of that facts.

Eventually all Prime Ministers will go but remember that over the years while Mr. Blair has been in charge it has been opposition "leaders" who seem to rotate.

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