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Posted by Alex aka mooka 1,
Monday, August 2, 2004

As a sixteen year old who uses the skate park every day I feel it hard to believe that when the skate park was built they failed to install bins or seats, and then without consulting us (the skaters) put down large amounts of dirt and grass seeds in the hope it would grow which turned into a bog that when stood in went up to the ankle. Then it took a several weeks before they evan thought of putting a path in and only in the last 3 week has there been bins installed.

As for graffiti I don't think that it is any of the public business since we were the ones who campaigned for 12 years and it is ours. Buffing the skate park was stupid. It has ruined the surface. Also, it has made all the places painted super slippy and total danger. I think it would be great idea for a wall to be put up against the tennis court for a graffiti wall and it being painted every week or so. Graffiti is part of Hebden and its "creativaty" and can't realy be stamped out. Basically the council made a total balls up of the skate park and should have worked with us, the skaters, to build a better environment for the skate park