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Hebden and the Media

Posted by Ravinda Khan
Friday, August 13, 2004

It's always interesting when the media turns its attention to any subject. More often than not that subject will then be shredded apart by wild dogs. So it's humorous to read The Telegraph and Reuters journalists attempt to single out Hebden Bridge as having these unique qualities lacking in other parts of the UK with regards to who makes up the community, where they come from and what they earn. Guess what!!, the 'hippies' are everywhere. They already work in banks, police force, own delicatessens and Laundromats. They both make money and 'opt out'.

There is always a need to categorize people and the media is really making its best effort to categorize Hebden. One of the great things about this community is that it defies categorization, this goes for its high street shops, members of the community and how that community resolves its own issues. People's politics are not necessarily printed on the front of their t-shirts and it would be increasingly interesting to see if the so called 'community spirit' enters into The Local Council and challenge its dogma. Not just by setting up community action groups and getting petitions but by entering the council and representing the community from within. Perhaps it already is, but I say this with regards to accountability in those decisions that allow lucrative property deals and speculators to start changing our landscape and thus suffer the knock on effects, both social and economic.