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Posted by Jack Allen, (West Midlands)
Monday, October 4, 2004

Please could anybody let me know the location of a very steep hill, somewhere in your area, which my late uncle called T'Jowler. When I visited Mytholmroyd as a lad with my parents in the late 1940s /early 1950s, a trip up this hill in the car was always a highlight.

I don't get to Yorkshire very often these days but I should like to be able to check whether it really is as steep as it seemed in those far-off days.

Congratulations on your fascinating and very informative website.

Posted by Damian, (West Midlands)
Friday, October 15, 2004

The road you are after is the one from Booth village above Luddenden Foot to Wainstalls above Halifax. Travelling from Halifax you should turn right at the staggered junction at Luddenden Foot between the Weavers and Coach and Horses Public Houses. Follow the road up past the housing estate and past the turning to Luddenden village. Turn left on the bend (It may be signed Booth I can't recall). Follow the road and don't turn off.

If you get lost ask for directions to the Cat I'th Well Pub, You have to go via Jowler to get there.

Posted by Mandy Smith, (West Midlands)
Saturday, December 18, 2004

Hi Jack,

I grew up at Jowler. It's a mill, with what used to be 10 mill workers cottages attached. The cottages were 5 overdwellings (at the roadside) and 5 underdwellings (beneath the road). The cottages were then knocked through, and my family lived in 8,9 and 10. I believe the mill is now used as recording studio, amongst other things.

You can tell you're at Jowler by a perculiar cobbled section of the road, on a blind bend, at the edge of Wade Wood.

I have pictures, if you'd like me to email you some copies.

Posted by Christina Tattersall, (West Midlands)
Fri, 31 Dec 2004

I live in Sutton Cottage next to Jowler Mill. The Mill was converted into a house on the top floor over ten years ago and one of the bottom floors have now been made into cottages. The road you were wanting info on is called Bank House Lane. The hill is still very steep and quite scary when we have snow but it is a lovely place to live.