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Green Tops Revealed

Posted by John Siddique,
Friday, November 26, 2004

So the masks are off and most of our suspicions were right. As a resident of Brunswick Street my neighbours and myself, including those on Melbourne Street, have had the pleasure of being developed for our own good by the very, twisty with his language, Phil Bradby and MANGO. Remember, how affordable these flat were going to be? We have had to live with his noise, dirt, road blockages, for nearly a year now, and I can say that the pople near the Millpond are in for a treat when their area starts to be developed.

The mistake it seems to me that we consistantly make is expecting Green Tops, Mango etc to be reasonable. They certainly have the talk, but if you dialogue with them they will do their best to show you how this is all for Hebden's and your best interests. Green Tops have a perfect politician in Bradby, he has excelled in turning our nighbourhood from a lovely communal area into a Hell Realm. His answer is 'well something had to be done with it.' Now it is your turn. Let me urge you not to listen to this man when he talks, he is very very good, but a direct action, that is non negotiable is going to be the only method that will have any effect. Spend time talking and you have lost. The talking is there to keep you busy while we are turned over for profit. Money is all these buggers understand and we need to run them out of business.

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