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Creeping urbanisation in the Colden Valley halted

Posted by John Smithson,
Saturday, November 27, 2004

At last Calderdale Council have shown signs of taking action against developers who have flouted rules and regulations by building concrete hard standing and a garage on land they do not own, without planning permission, in the Colden Valley. The land in question was given to the people of Hebden Royd by the Lord Saville estate in the 1930s. The hard standing and garage have been erected opposite Crowther Terrace, part way along the Colden Road, (Ragley) between Mytholm and the New Delight.

It has taken Calderdale Council approximately one year to refuse retrospective planning permission on this development. Let's hope they don't take that long to serve enforcement orders on the developers to remove this structure in its entirety and return the site to its original condition.

Some people might think this is only a garage and the developers should have been allowed to get away with building it. The point, however, is that this development amounts to 1) theft of land from its owner (the people of Hebden Royd, now Calderdale); 2) breach of planning regulations, and, 3) creeping urbanisation in one of the most beautiful valleys in the area. Had the developers been able to get away with this, anyone, and I mean anyone, would have been able to do the same i.e. build structures without planning permission on land they do not own.

Posted by Andrew Hall,
Sunday, November 28, 2004

I couldn't agree more with John Smithson's comments. I have watched the developments around Crowther Terrace with increasing concern. An attractive row of Victorian terraced houses has been spoiled by the addition of garages and extensions, not to mention the JCB-created mounds of earth and rough, muddy tracks.

Retrospective planning permission should always be rejected, unless there are compelling reasons to the contrary. As Mr Smithson remarks, any council that is seen to be sympathetic to retrospective applications will be seen as a soft touch and we will have unbridled and uncontrolled development in the area.

I was pleased to see that outline plans for a detached house next to Crowther Terrace have also been refused. This of course is as it should be. Incidentally, I was interested to see the siteplan of the proposed development. It's hard to spot at first until you realise that it's right up in the top left hand corner. The majority of the plan shows the Eaves Estate - trying to give the false impression that the area is more built up than it actually is. Do have a look - it's almost amusing in its naivety!

The Colden Valley is a very special area. In fact much is designated as a site of ecological / geological importance. No more development must be allowed and we must all be alert to the devious behaviour of those who think otherwise.