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Council Tax for Barge Dwellers.

Posted by Peter Ford

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Whilst walking on the canal bank through Hebden Bridge towards Mytholmroyd I noticed a large number of barges moored along the towpath. Personally I think this is a good thing and shows the canal is being used for it's intendended purpose.

Over a period of months I have walked along the same towpath and noticed that most of the barges moored there were in exactly the same place as the first time I had seen them and are obviously being used as permanent residences. The barge moored next to the marina in the centre of Hebden Bridge had the same car parked on the marina outside it on every occasion I passed.

What I would be interested to find out is what sort of council tax and water rates the barge dwellers are paying.

I would also like to know how it is possible to get permission to park my car on the marina. There are signs there saying it is reserved for special access, is this just for barge dwellers or can anyone park there? The same red car is there every time i walk past so it must be possible to get such an exclusive parking spot.

Posted by Steve Skoda

Friday, February 13, 2004

The question that Peter Ford has raised, does raise a number of very important issues. Does anybody have an answer to this questions.

Posted by Duncan Watson

Friday, February 13, 2004

If your barge is your main residence then you will have to pay Council Tax. Sorry do not know anything about water rates or parking.

Posted by Robert Lasson

Monday, March 8, 2004

As far as I understand it, it depends if the council has given permission for residential use. (Similar to caravan sites) If it is classified as being residential then council would collect rates. (Even if the boat is not there - it is the areas of land/water you pay rates on not the boat.)

It also has to be permanent, i.e. if the boat went away for a few days; could it guarantee it could come back to the same location?

The plot/part of canal would be owned by some one, including the parking space(s) as with caravans, the site owner would charge rent.

The big question is how long can you stay in one place and be tempery. Some council's say caravans/boats can be used up to 11 months out 12

If the boats are moored on the canal (not in a marina) the fee is collected by British Waterways - who have strict rules on mooring and charge the equivalent to road tax as well.