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Proposed Development on Crow Nest

Posted by Charles
Monday, May 16, 2005

In reply to A Mackintosh of Heptonsall and David A Flint of Mytholmroyd who wrote letters to the Editor in last week's Hebden Bridge Times approving of the development of six storey flats on Crow Nest. It is very easy for them to approve of the development as it is not in their back yard. I am sure a lot more would have been said if the development was planned for Heptonstall.

For residents in Palace House Road the development will block off the views of the open countryside and it would stick out like a sore thumb at the bottom end of the road. We have got new style buildings in Hebden Bridge built out of stone and slate as “Butlers Wharf” is a prime example.

Most of the people living in Hebden Bridge and its visitors come here to get away from the City style developments. Let’s keep prefabricated concrete building like the proposed development to the river banks of the cities were they belong and where their architecture is in keeping. We like living in our time warp.

Access to Palace House Road from both ends is via a single track road. An extra ninety plus cars coming and going from the area would be a nightmare, as Palace House Road is at present being used by people who are unable to park at the station when the car park is full.

I believe from the plans that the proposed block to be built at the far end of the Crow Nest site will not have accommodation on the ground floor due to the danger of toxic substances seeping trough from the tank on the old Gasworks site. The whole of the site is to be ‘capped’ for the same reason making it a concrete jungle in the woods! Would potential buyers be aware of this!

There have been several panning applications made on the Crow Nest Site over the last few years. If the residents of Crow Nest had maintained the upkeep of their property they would not be in such a desperate state to sell to a property developer who would make millions from the site.

I would also like to know how David A Flint of Mytholmroyd managed to find a web site for Prestigious Living (NW) Ltd. They are a small company I could not find a web site for them. There is however a website for Inside Out Design Assoc. Ltd the architects and builders. Is this the site he is referring to? It is also a strange coincidence that a David Flint resides at Crow Nest.

In my searches on the internet, the only planning application that I could find for Prestigious Living (NW) Ltd. Was for a brick wall to be built at the end of the garden of a brick built mansion style house in Salford belonging to a Mr Ken Ward, the same Mr Ward who has put in the planning application at Crow Nest.