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Posted by Helen
Thursday, February 3, 2005

Hi, Ive just found your website whilst searching the net looking for images of graffiti. I am currently doing a disseration looking at the motivations behind graffiti writers and was wondering whether you now have a legal site for graffiti writing in your area and whether anyone is willing to speak to me concerning the matter.
Thank you

Posted by Tony Wright
Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Hi Helen, I'm the Environmental Street Warden in Hebden Royd and have been trying to set up a legal wall for the past 8 months without success, due to local government obstructions and fear. I've been supporting a local father who has a son (and his friends) who is a graffiti artist, aged 17. Next time I speak with them I'll point them towards your e-mail. I think they would be just the sort of people you need to talk to. Meanwhile, if in your research you could provide me with or direct me to statistics or arguments that relate to the difference in tagging and arty graffiti and the impact legal walls have on the area's, environment or social aspects/implications in which they happen, it would be most appreciated. Thanks, Tony Wright