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Deer in Hebden

Posted by Isla
Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Amazingly we've just spotted a deer in the woods behind Callis bridge, didn't think we had that wide a range of wildlife in Hebden. Anyone else spotted any unusual wildlife locally?

Posted by Chris
Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Here is one of several we managed to see scuttling across the snow on Christmas Day last, above Horsehold

Posted by Nicky
Thursday, August 4, 2005

A badger ran across our path on New Year's Day this year at the top of Keighley Road, sure there are plenty around but never seen one before...

Posted by Matt Bell
Monday, 8th August 2005

Roe deer are increasingly common around upper calderdale, as they only need a suprisingly small amount of cover to live in. They regularly walk past my house on the pennine way above Callis in daylight. Badgers are around, but the sites are best kept secret as amazingly there are still idiots with spades and dogs wishing to do them harm. Mink unfortunately are commonplace, munching there way through the local native birds, fish, frogs and small mammals. They are enormously destructive to a delicate eco-system, so those who set them free though I'm sure mean well are doing the worst possible thing. There are also foxes, weasels, stoats, kerzillions of grey squirrels, and rumours of otters passing through. However, these are far more likely to be mink. As for red squirrels, the greys saw them off by the late 70's.

Posted by David Burnop
Friday, September 2, 2005

There are many deer in woodland around HB and they are a joy to see and observe.

I will not suggest where they are as it is best we leave them be.

But if you get out and about for walks and keep your eyes peeled hopefully you will be rewarded.

Posted by Andy
Monday, September 5, 2005

Deer in Cragg Vale

Not seen them myself but my partner and I were told when we moved into Cragg Vale that there are deer in the woods behind our house, at the top of the garden in the woods which extend back. Apparently they can be seen quite often in Winter, coming to the tops of the gardens according to our neighbours. Presumably the need for food makes them that bit more daring.

Posted by Deerwatcher
Tuesday, September 6, 2005

There do seem to be more roe deer these days. I've seen them from the train coming back into Hebden from Manchester, and one day spotted several from where the cross gets stuck in at top of Horsehold Road. I put my dog on the lead and took the direct stepped footpath down towards them and spent half an hour peering over a wall at 5 deer grazing in the field. A noise startled them and they sprang off, three at first and two staying back to keep watch from the rear, possibly to divert any predator so the first three, younger looking, deer got away safely. Great to watch

Posted by Delila Boodelia
Monday, December 12, 2005

I saw some deer in the woods above eastwood, if you go up Oakville Road untill you come to a layby and via left into the woods, that's where they were. I saw 3, I think they were either a smaller breed or young deer because they weren't much bigger than my German Shepherd.

it was a beautifull sight, to see such magical animals just living in a local woods . . . just the way nature should be.

Posted by Patsy
Saturday, December 17, 2005

I absolutely agree, it's wonderful to see deer - and all sorts of other wild animals - leading their lives all around us. It's breathtaking, just for a moment we feel a quietness and reality of what really matters in life - not emails and profit-driven, grab-all developers and noise and traffic and all the hundreds of other horrible realities of our human existence.

But please stop blasting wildlife whereabouts into the web!! Their are too many b******s who see wild animals as something to maim and kill - and they are here, in this cosy little bubble we call Hebden Royd, believe me!!! - not to mention people from further afield who'd think nothing of travelling miles for a bit of lamping, digging out or shooting.

Share your joy at seeing stuff, please do, but stop saying where.

Happy Christmas to all - and all of our fauna. Patsy XX

Posted by Will
Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I haven't seen any deer here in the Calder Valley but I think the most exciting thing we've seen close-up would be the short-eared owl(s) that hunts up by the road to Oxenhope. It got a good look at us one time, by flying alongside the car and goggling right in the window!

Posted by David Burnop
Thursday, July 20, 2006

I agree with Patsy that is is dangerous to point out were one may find some wildlife.

I suggest the hebweb editor take out any over detailed info on location.