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Safety of Halifax Road

Posted by Catherine Jampierre
Monday, August 22, 2005

In light of the recent terrible accident on Halifax Road, my existing concerns on the safety of this stretch of road have increased ten-fold.

Many people seem to drive through Charlestown well over the speed limit, turning sharp bends, and often squeezing at 40-50mph between parked cars and buses or lorries coming in the other direction.

In the two months that we have moved to this neighbourhood, we've already seen several potentially fatal accidents narrowly missed, involving unreasonable speed or even lunatic overtaking in bends. The residents on this stretch must get in and out of their cars at great peril; sometimes with young children.

Before I start or join any effort to convince the council in looking into the road safety of Charlestown, I am curious if anyone here has had any previous experiences trying? Or what other solutions there would be to demanding those detestable speed cameras?

And most importantly, I wish for rapid physical and emotional recovery to all involved in this week's accident.

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Posted by Dave Byrne
Thursday, August 25, 2005

Excess Speed

I agree with Catherine about the speed with which people drive through the valley. I appreciate that everybody wishes to get to their destination quickly, however I am concerned that there could easily be a far worse accident in the near future.

I was recently confronted with a 'taxi' overtaking a bus into a left hand bend in Charlestown (I was travelling in the opposite direction!!!) This seem to be the norm. for some who live and work in the area. Let me point out though that, yes I have broken the speed limit and have the points to prove it!

I was glad to see a mobile police camera in operation this morning in the Todmorden direction (better late than never)

I too would like to hear of any past efforts to reduce the speed along the Road, perhaps other than static 'GATSO' or 'TRUVELO' cameras.

Maybe a community awareness scheme, distribution of leaflets, posters in pubs and shops etc. maybe an idea? Also a vocal approach, should you find yourself in a speeding vehicle in an area with twisting roads (some of poor surface quality).

I personally find it amazing watching large double-decker buses rolling from one side to another around bends and parked cars...

Get well soon to all involved, but remember...

Speed Kills

Posted by Myra James
Thursday, August 25, 2005

A646 safety concerns

The accident on Monday was horrific but can't be a surprise - in fact I find it quite astonishing that something like this doesn't happen every week. I see wreckless overtaking very frequently on the stretch between Bankfoot and the Stubbing Wharf, with vehicles still across the central line as they round the bend at King Street, sometimes narrowly missing oncoming traffic, or not doing so only by luck. People live here, for goodness' sake, their living rooms just feet from the speeding traffic.

We need speed cameras, I suspect - after all they present no difficulties for those who drive sensibly, do they?

Posted by Ellie
Friday, August 26, 2005

I agree, the speeding all along the A646 is a problem. I live by the main road in Mytholmroyd and am surprised of the speed of passing cars, lorries and buses. We never seem to have any speed checks.

Posted by Steve
Friday, August 26, 2005

And perhaps we should stop people parking in dangerous places such as on bends or junctions. There is far too much reckless parking in and around Hebden Bridge at the moment. If the roads were clear of illegally parked traffic perhaps people wouldn't have to swerve onto the wrong side of the road. (Keighley Road is a fine case in point)

Posted by Derek
Friday, September 2, 2005

Speed kills

I frequently hear supposedly intelligent, professional people complain about speed limits and speed cameras. Haven't you been caught? they ask. They seem amazed when I tell them it's because I stick to the limit. It doesn't hurt, and it makes hardly any difference to your journey time. Faster driving = more accidents. Faster driving = more serious consequences when accidents happen.