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Linden Mill properties

Posted by Dave
Tuesday, February 15, 2005

I believe that the refusal of properties behind Linden Mill accentuates the town's negligence to develop. Our town is one of beautiful location and of significant commuting importance. All home owners within Hebden Bridge and most surrounding areas have experienced a significant house value increase over the last ten years. Now, although this is accepted as fact nation wide, particularly in the last five years, I can not help thinking, our achievements have been made by new comers' interest, the fact that we are now recognised as a commuter dormitory town to outsiders has increased our property value by several percent in itself. My point and my conclusion is that ten terraced dwellings will pay no significant burden to the town, although it will generate awareness and therefore the value of our property. Please councillors we now live in a capitalist country this will never continue to be the quaint town it once was.