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Robin Hood (Cragg Vale) Closure

Posted by Rachel
Sunday, November 20, 2005

Hi, Apparently the owner of the site (Robin Hood Pub in Cragg Vale) originally agreed that he would rent the pub to the landlord for an amount of years, then IF the landlord made a go of it he could buy the site. However, when the time was up and the landlord wanted to buy the site, the owner said no, the landlord offered more money and still the owner said no, so the pub was closed. Apparently the owner is planning on turning it into houses or selling it on!!!!!!

The landlord had made a real go of that lovely pub, it was quaint, comfy and friendly, good for locals and visitors. The food was delectable and the service friendly & inviting. The villagers took ages fighting for it to re-open and the Prince of Wales even took an interest.

It is a shame that greed takes the better of some people and when they see others do well they try to knock them down.

Personally I thought a gentleman's shake (agreement) was as sound as a signed contract in the eyes of the law, but obviously this owner has no scrupples.

All I can say is shame on him and good luck to Phil the Landlord

Posted by Kevin Hopkinson
Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Couldn't agree more, Rachel. The Robin Hood is quite the best pub I've chanced upon in the last few y ears ? great beer, Taylors and most recently little valley; great food (matchless in price and quality); and a great little, welcoming stopping off spot. It was the pub of choice for us whenever we walked anywhere in Calderdale (usually every six weeks or so). We did a 60 mile round trip for a walk on Saturday and drove there afterwards, only to be mortified that it was shut. Shame on you Mr Building Owner. Two questions for anyone in the know. Is the community fighting to save the pub again? And if not, where's landlord phil going to take over next? Cheers

Posted by Tony Green
Sunday, November 27, 2005

The residents of Cragg Vale are devastated by the closure of the Robin Hood, and we are trying to do something about it. So far, we have got the local council to look at the lack of planning permission and building regs approval for the conversion of part of the building into cottages. We've also started our own on-line forum for the exchange of news, views, information etc. Anyone may join, or you can just look at the messages etc without joining if you want to. Just go here or here

The more support we have, the better case we'll have against any proposal for change of use.

Posted by Ruth
Saturday, December 17, 2005

Am I to believe that the Robin Hood is to re-open? Or have I got the wrong end ofthe stick? Fingers crossed that it does. It's one of the nicest and frendliest pubs for miles around.