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Digital TV reception in Hebden Bridge

Posted by Peter Buckley
Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Emley Moor digital TV Reception

An update to my August 7th 2004 posting!

I have had a new arial installed that can be attached to roof tiles and therefore can be placed anywhere on the roof. The installer managed to obtain "line of sight" between trees at just one point to the Emley Moor transmitter and I am now able to receive Freeview.

We live at Hullett Drive, Mytholmroyd.

Posted by Matthew Ludlam
Wednesday, December 7, 2005

How about a campaign that might actually work

This is an issue I've let rile me, I'm afraid. The BBC continually advertises its digital services on analogue channels, including puffing CBBC during the kids' programmes. My kids moan about it - and I feel like joining them.

My suggestion is that we withhold some of the licence fee. If we're only getting a fraction of the BBC service, why shouldn't we pay a fraction of the cost?

There's now a host of digital BBC stations compared to just the two on normal telly, so how about 50% off?

If enough people did it, then the sums might suddenly change in favour of installing the necessary receiver.

Posted by Rev Tony Buglass
Wednesday, December 7, 2005

I'd love to get Freeview! I gather some folk a litle further up the hill can get it, but we can't. I could get a satellite receiver, but I object to Sky - I don't want to give rich Mr Murdoch any of my hard-earned pennies. However, I did hear a whisper somewhere that BBC and ITV are combining to launch something called Freesat, early next year. There's nothing on the digital TV page linked below - anyone know anything?

There again, I don't have time to watch the channels we've got, so another dozen or so may not make a difference :)

Posted by Oscar
Thursday, December 8, 2005

Just to make sure everyone is confused there are two systems called "FreeSat", and, yes, neither of them are 'free'.

FreeSat (SKY)

One off payment of £150, no subscription, ready now. All the Freeview channels plus more, just an ugly dish stuck on your house.

Freesat (BBC/IV)

The BBC and ITV are to launch a free-to-view satellite TV service to cater for viewers unable to receive Freeview digital coverage (25% of UK homes) in early 2006.

You can take a look at GetSetForDigital to check your postcode for digital TV availability, and Freeview for the view through aerial service.

I also believe that the SKY system will be the first to offer the new High Definition HDTV broadcasts. As I had to pay Sky £150 to receive the 'extra' BBC channels I've refused to pay my licence fee for over a year as I feel I would be paying twice. Fortunately (or unfortunately) my wife pays it.

Posted by Patsy
Saturday, December 10, 2005

Does anyone know if digital TV and radio signals are broadcast from the same transmitters, so that digital radio will arrive when TV does? I'm a devoted radio dinosaur - mainly Radio 4 - so much so that I carry a portable radio around the house. I use LW only (except when the Test Matches are on - what a bl**** cheek!) as our FM reception is usually poor in Cragg Vale. BBC7 is sensational - I heartily recommend! - but I can only get it via broadband, which means only listening in the same room as the computer.

When digital TV finally does come, will it mean I can buy a new portable to get all radio programmes on it?

Finally, if we all have to wait for years for the service, I certainly would join a 'half-price licence' protest to speed up installations. It's such a wind that 'digital only' programmes are plugged all the time - and many have no chance of seeing them.

Posted by Oscar
Saturday, December 17, 2005

I've contacted my techical friend at the BBC (a self confessed puppet of the government) who tells me this;

1. Digital TV and Digital Radio signals are different

2. When they upgrade the TV mast to digital they may upgrade the mast for DAB (however this usually happens later)

3. Its unlikely the mast is upgraded to DAB before its upgraded to digital TV

4. Digital TV carries hundreds of radio stations which you can listen to through your TV (with an upgrade Freeview box approx £49 upwards).

5. Only when the mast is DAB ready will you need to buy a DAB radio

For more info take at look at the BBC Site.

Patsy, If you're happy with the quality of radio through broadband then you could turn your PC into a mini 'Radio Station'. This would mean you can access all the radio stations and listen to them through a 'specialist radio' which you can carry around the house. For example the Saitek Audio wireless speaker system at around £99. Sky also produce a Gnome which is a portable device and broadcasts the sound from their digital TV signal.

There is an ongoing backlash to the BBC licence fee with numerous justifications, including the Capaign to Abolish the TV Licence. I once read that there are more women in jail for non-payment of the licence fee than any other crime. (Basically non payment is followed by a court applied liability order, a breach of this order leads to jail). A Sunday Times columnist once refused to pay under the human rights act - he lost.

I'd strongly recommend not reducing or witholding the licence fee, but perhaps protesting in another way. As a legal colleague once told me "Principles are for people with lots of time and lots of money, you have neither."

Posted by Patsy
Monday, December 19, 2005

Dear Oscar - Thanks so much for taking the time and trouble to answer my questions about digital radio - I'm sure your info. will help lots of other people too. What does DAB mean?

This thing to carry about - which will pick up digital radio programmes from my broadband - I hope it works with other than PCs as we use Macs in our house. Yipee if it does!

I reluctantly agree with you about only the rich being able to afford principles. If I were to go to jail for a principle, it would be for a darned sight more important issue than radio reception..........

With grateful HO! HO! HOs! Love, Patsy XXX

Posted by IKS
Monday, December 19, 2005

I live at Calis bridge and cannot get digital radio or TV. Also most mobile phone reception is patchy. However I spoke to a lady in LordDales in Hebden, who sugested that they will update the transmiter in about 18 months. I also wrote to the guys in charge of planning the new transmiters a while back who said the would inform me when coverage reached our postcode.


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