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Being 'new in town'

Posted by Jan
Monday, December 19, 2005

Something which has fascinated me for many a year - how long does one have to live in Hebden to move up the hierarchy from 'nouveau arrivés'. Or is this not to be taken literally, either? Is it the same as a good old-fashioned 'offcumden'. (see Ladbrokes discussion)

Posted by Jim
Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I'm not sure it really matters. I certainly don't care if people class me as an 'offcumden' or a 'nouveau arrivés'. I have met plenty of people in Hebden over the last couple of years who I get on fantastically; some are now very close friends. Some have been here a long time, some just a few years. One thing is for certain... none of them care about that.

If people like Andrew Hall and Steve McCulloch want to label people in this way then that?s up to them but it certainly doesn?t make living round here any harder. And I'm sure its just a bit of fun for them, nothing serious. And let's face it, if it takes 20 years for them to accept us and become friendly, would we really have missed out on much?

Posted by Andy Mackintosh
Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I think the hierarchy goes:

0-6 months - 'nouveau arrivés'

6-12 months - noovolvo t'arrives

1 - 3745 years - offcumden