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Arriva and Ms. Muggeridge

Posted by John Atack, Tuesday, February 26, 2002

All this is most confusing. Now Andrew tells us that there was no first class service for Ms. Muggeridge to usurp as claimed. Yet I recall that the HB Times carried a picture of her, with a back drop of the supposed Station at HB clearly showing three tracks between the platforms and a connecting overbridge. What are we to deduce? Can it be that Arriva added insult to injury and delivered her to another destination? Or perhaps the HB Times made a small mistake in the caption? What are the facts? Meantime let's bring back the L&Y in place of Railtrack. That way we might restore the hydraulic lift on HB platforms to give everyone, the disabled included, a neat inter platform transfer and a boost to Victorian engineering heritage. By the way it would also be a great example of Green Technology should that be a consideration.