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Parking Charges

Posted by NY, Sunday, March 10, 2002

I think parking charges are a good idea, why? The car parks cost money to run, the people who use them should pay for them, at the moment we all pay towards the cost through our taxes. (Not rocket science). To ensure everyone is happy, how about these ideas. Give the town centre residents and workers passes to allow them to park for free, allow a 45 minute free parking period for those just popping into town. Dont forget anyone with a car who is disabled or in ill health qualify for a yellow parking badge allowing free parking already. This system would allow a certain amount of free parking, while imposing a small fee (yes 60p+ is a small amount against the cost of a 5,000+ car) on those that use the facility. Hundreds of towns across the country have car parks that charge, it hasnt brought economical misery anywhere. Yes I do have a car and I am happy to pay my way. I am though not greedy and tight and Im happy to get of my fat arse and walk once in a while.