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Parking Charges

Posted by Peter Hayton, Thursday, March 14, 2002

Well done NY, you came up with a few good ideas. However, I disagree with a couple of them. Car Parks do cost money to opperate and that money does come out of residents and traders taxes, so why pay more taxes just because one drives a vehicle, or should I say parks a vehicle? If the car parks were full 24/7 you can rest assured your other taxes would not decrease. I agree there are hundreds of towns across the country that charge for parking. There are also thousands of people across the country paying those extra taxes. Why not set a new trend? Have a town that doesn't have parking charges. This may spark people from surounding towns to spend money in HB where they can shop at leisure knowing the parking meter isn't ticking away. Remember NY the 60p+ you quoted will only be for a certain amount of time after which the cost of parking goes up & up & up. To finish, I'm sorry to hear NY has a F.A. perhaps one of those stationary exercise bikes could help. It would be a win win situation. The F.A.would decrease (unlike taxes) and there would be no parking charges.