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Parking charges

Posted by Peter Hayton, Monday, February 4, 2002

In reply to your article on "Parking Charges". (see Hot Debate) As Hebden Bridge and the surrounding area is a tourist destination, I am against parking charges. Asİyour article rightlyİpoints out, being charged for parking is an extraİtax, whatever euphemism is used. The people that live in the area i.e. the locals, are taxed every time they have to park up to go about their business. On the other hand the people who bring much needed revenue into the area i.e. the tourist, are taxed all because they want to see the İbeauty of Yorkshire. I find it rather short sighted of "the powers that be" who think it a good way of filling local/county coffers. Perhaps people will remember this extra tax come election time. If parking regulations are not enforced then again, in my opinion, it's short sightedness on the partİof "the powers that be" remember, a fine is another form of revenue. Regards. Peter Hayton, Florida, U.S.A.