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John Foster

Posted by NY, Monday, April 15, 2002

I've often looked at the same plaque and wonder who he might be. There seems very little on the net about him. All I could find was.....

Foster, John
[1770-1843] Writer, essayist and Baptist minister born near Hebden Bridge. He was a pupil of Dr John Fawcett. He worked in Ireland before returning to Calderdale. He moved to Bristol. In 1913, memorials were unveiled at Hope Baptist Church, Hebden Bridge and at Manor House, Wadsworth


English Baptists have abounded in able authors. Note can be made of only two or three here. John Foster was a writer of essays. Sir James Mackintosh declares that he was "one of the most profound and eloquent writers that England has produced." Aubrey, in his "Rise of the English Nation" makes this reference to John Foster: "The Eclectic Review for a length of time swayed literary and political opinions; mainly through the splendid articles, nearly 200 in number, contributed by John Foster. His famous essays showed their author to be, according to Mackintosh, one of the most profound and eloquent writers that England has produced. His "Life and Correspondence" by Ryland ranks among the classics. No song book would be complete that did not contain "Blest be the tie," by John Fawcett; and "How Firm a Foundation," by George Keith.