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Calder Holmes Park - a more objective view

Posted by Peter Stubbs, Friday, June 28, 2002

As an outsider working in the area I can't understand why locals are getting so worked up about the car park proposals. It's a fact that Hebden Bridge needs more parking - it's also a fact that the proposed site, a small corner of the park (let's emphasise this), is an eyesore for most of the year. We have one month's use as a dumping ground for scrap wood, one night's glorious bonfire party and eleven months of burnt quagmire. Hardly the best use for a town centre park. Building the car park will not result in loss of amenity. The playground and other facilities will hardly be affected. It may even enhance the security of the area by increasing the numbers of people passing through.

Why not grasp the opportunity to do something radical? Put the car park there but also develop what I feel is another eyesore, the river/canal-side land between the station approach and Walkleys Clogs. This surely is an ideal site for a small country park. It could be opened up for the benefit of locals and tourists alike, provide an extremely attractive amenity between Hebden Bridge and Mytholmroyd (whilst maintaining the green space), and may even take pressure off local parking by encouraging tourists to visit Walkleys and then walk into Hebden Bridge.

I hope this will remove some of the local blinkers. Right men, don your tin helmets and retreat to the bunker!