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Posted by David Nixon and Trish, Friday, February 8, 2002

I would strongly disagree with Mr. West, although I have not had the benefit of a Royd spent youth, I find that little coppice of houses and shops a simply delightful little place. With its rustic charm and friendly local faces, it warms my very cockles just to pass through on a number 595 bus. Remember the Cragg Coiners at the Dusty Miller? To think that such infamy could have found its place in this quaint and idyllic place, aye sir, idyllic place I say. What a place is this, with its green and rolling hills, its smoking roof tops, and ducks, and fish and chip shop and pet grooming service, what place is this, this village nestled in the bosom of the penines, what a heart it has, this leafy jewel, this Mytholmroyd.