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New Delight

Posted by Andrew Hall, Saturday, July 6, 2002

I couldn't disagree more with your last correspondent.

This pub is in a prime position. There's no competition for miles (Heptonstall one side, Kebs the other). It's on Britain's premier walking route - the Pennine Way. It has two buses an hour passing its front door. It has a public bar, a lounge and a dining area and a pool room. It has a camping site.

You only need look at a pub like the Lane Ends (Hare and Hounds) to see an example of how a rural pub with a committed landlord can be as successful as any town pub.

What makes a pub fail? Well, asking around Hebden Bridge, it's when a pub runs out of beer, lager and other drinks, when food advertised on the menu isn't available, when the landlord has a day job and is not 100% committed to the pub business, when there's a sneaking feeling that a pub has been bought with the deliberate intent of running it down, claiming trade is bad, and consequently turning it into a private house (with all the financial benefits that brings), it's about 'off cummed' landlords who don't really have a feel for the local community and would be as happy in Harlow as Hebden Bridge. If a pub is accidentally-on purpose being run down, people won't go.

I'm not saying that the above applies to the New Delight, I simply don't know.

But if the cap fits.......