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New Delight

Posted by Robert Collins, Saturday, July 6, 2002

Sally, I agree with everything you say about city centre pubs - my words about swigging bacardi breezer from the bottle were meant to be less than complimentary about these places.

The problem is that privately-run rural pubs with no chance of ever making big profits still suffer the same tax burdens as city centre premises owned by the big corporations. Combine that with the fact that people generally want to buy and sell their houses at a huge profit and it's easy to see why the New Delight is worth more as a house than as commercial premises.

As for my cynical comments about the pub being snapped up by a speculator, my point is that such people are cynical by definition - witness what happened with the Top Shoulder.

I feel like people are getting the impression that I want all rural pubs to close - I dont. I just think that with comments like, "owner who has failed," "deliberate intent," "accidentally-on-purpose" people on this site are being very unfair about the owners of the New Delight.