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New Delight

Posted by Jim Gault, Sunday, July 7, 2002

Whilst I agree with A.Hall that the Newdie is in a great spot and has huge potential, I feel that any suggestion that Steve and Julie ran the pub down deliberately is both unfounded and unfair. I agree with Robert Collins that they have been up against difficult times when making a success of this type of business requires experience or a rare blend of talents, combining sound financial abilities with enthusiasm, imagination and, as Sally says, people skills.

Where I disagree with Robert is in the acceptance that, having failed to make a go of it, they should now turn it into a dwelling, and double their investment as a consolation prize. They bought a pub and they have a pub to sell. If a 'developer' buys it then he'll have a pub to develop.

As long as Calderdale Council stick to their declared policy with regard to rural amenities (learning, we hope from their disastrous handling of the Shoulder of Mutton at Blackshaw head)the New Delight remains a pub.

A few years ago, John and Yvonne had a similar experience to Steve and Julie at the Newdie. Custom fell away and they couldn't understand it and eventually it closed. There are many similarities in the way that both couples were unable to keep their customers. They didn't have the gift.

Thankfully, Vick, who sadly passed away last week, had the gift and got the place back on it's feet before passing the management to Nigel and Phil who took it forward and passed it to Steve and Julie going like a fairground. Guest beers, a wide and imaginative menu and constantly changing events kept people coming in and the business viable.

Let's hope that a buyer comes forward who has the vision and the capital to make use of the undoubted assets of the place to re-create it as the thriving enterprise we know it can be.