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Hebden Bridge on Radio 1!

Posted by Jason Boyle, Tuesday, August 6, 2002

Dear all, Has anyone been listening to the Mark & Lard Show (Radio 1 13.00-5.00)? For the last few weeks Mark and Lard have been discussing what's now known as the 'Hebden Bridge scene'. This 'scene' consists of a large number of bands who released songs in the 1970's in the Hebden Bridge area, just yesterday they played a song from Midgley's band Night's of the Battenburg -the wonderfully titled "Smolderind Accordian". Other bands are Mytholmroyd's "Severed Plimsole", Hebden Bridge's "Sister Mary" and Lumbutts, "Honest Police". Does anyone remember these groups and if so can we have a concert from these great bands? Regards, Jason

P.S Yes I do realise this is a joke before you ask!