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Anti war demonstration

Posted by Matt Hardy, Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Guy, I think the point is that most of US oil currently comes from Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia, Bush fears, may go to the fundamentalists. Iraq would then be able to blackmail the US. I think that's the oil connection. I think we should all - worldwide - be putting pressure on politicians to draw back from war. Here are some quotes from the recent demonstration in London.

"We have sent a magnificent message to Tony Blair today that British people are saying no to war and no to the gang of oil spivs who occupy the White House. If war goes ahead it will be a war for oil. It will lead to the Bush doctrine taking over elsewhere. Bush has a list of other countries Syria, Iran, North Korea and he is willing to use nuclear weapons. If Russia and China compromise over a United Nations resolution, then we still have to say no to war. I have been a lifelong Labour Party member and I am deeply ashamed at its leaders who believe that their first duty is to Bush." - Alice Mahon MP, Halifax

"Five years ago we heard about an ethical foreign policy. Well, that didnt last long. They are not concerned about human rights. They are concerned about oil. People voted for their government to represent their interests, not to simply be a reflection of the White House. I will do all I can to oppose this war." - Ken Livingstone

"If they attack Iraq, Bush and Blair will be war criminals. We are the moderates. They are the extremists. Our resistance to their murderous plans must be unrelenting." - John Pilger forum-subject: AntiWar Demo name: Matt Hardy