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Killer Speeds in Cragg Vale

Posted by Giles, Wednesday, December 18, 2002

I moved to Cragg Road, Mytholmroyd 1 year ago. In the last 6 months there have been 3 major accidents outside my house - one early morning involving a fuel tanker - the car hit the railings - car written off. One involved 5 cars & 2 ruptured fuel tanks - 2 cars written off and the fire brigade involved, driver hurt. One a minor bump but still disconcerting to those involved.

I am sick of hearing the awful sound of metal on metal & having to run out not knowing what I will find. My car has been damaged twice & no-one has has the courage or decency to pay for their mistake.

These all happend outside my house on the bend opposite Elphin court. All were due to speed. As a commuter myself, I understand that time is of an essence. However, I see a strange driving habit very often. On coming into the 30MPH zone from Cragg Vale - driver's speed up!!

I have even been beeped as I crossed the road outside my own house by cars doing 50! I am going to take a leaf out of Cragg Vale's traffic calming idea - the only thing left for me to do is (legally but badly) double-park my car on the 'bad bend'. By causing increased congestion the cars will have to slow down. My car is worth peanuts - but your flash fat-arsed 4x4's are worth far more. Is this the only thing left I can do to get drivers to slow down & aknowledge the bend?