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Co-op planning permission

Posted by Mike Palmer,
Friday, December 27, 2002

I've noticed the co-op in Hebden Bridge have put in for planning permission to erect a large Illuminated sign. I've written to the council opposing this on the following grounds:

1. It is totally unnecessary.
The Co-op is mainly used by locals who already knows it is there and what service it provides. Whats more there is already a fairly large sign that makes it clear that this is a Co-op supermarket

2. Hebden Bridge is a special place
Hebden bridge has many quaint looking shops and very few high street type stores (the Co-op being the unfortunate exception to this). A large illuminated sign would be totally out of keeping with the area.

3. Negative effect on tourism in Hebden
The reason we get so many tourists, walkers, cyclists etc is precisely because the town in beautiful in many ways. To do anything to undermine this (like erecting illuminated signs) will ruin the town. If anything we should be encouraging shops like Spa and the Co-op to improve the look of their stores taking into account the surroundings, rather than letting them run amuck with selfish advertising.

If you agree with me please send a letter objecting to the plan quoting ref: 02/10071/ADV
Chief Planning Officer
Northgate house
Halifax HX1 1UN