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Drivers passing the new Yellow School Buses

Posted by Richard Hull, Tuesday, September 11, 2001

Letter to the Editor, Hebden Bridge Times, and to Sally Keeble, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Housing, Planning and Regeneration

I warmly welcome the arrival of the new yellow school buses, but I have a major concern. This Pilot Study does not implement one of the most significant safety features. In the USA and Canada it is illegal to drive past a yellow bus which is picking up or setting down children. When buses are stationary for this purpose the red lights flash on the front and back of the bus, and a prominent STOP sign is displayed. Cars travelling in EITHER DIRECTION must stop - and they always do. This way, children can cross the road - and roughly half of them will need to. I fear that in this country Mr SalesRep, rushing to secure his next commission, will eventually hit a child as they cross the road to or from the bus. A simple change to the law could diminish that prospect.

Yours truly,

Richard Hull